Intelligent software in construction logistics

By leveraging the capabilities of self-learning software solutions, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing construction logistics towards a more intelligent and advanced future.
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Our software is specifically tailored to the needs of the construction industry and simulates complex construction projects and logistics even before work starts on site. Your building project receives an exact digital twin that takes space (3D), time (4D) and resources or budget (5D) into account. Your benefits: They significantly increase the efficiency of the entire construction process, reduce interruptions, prevent delays and waiting times, ensure smooth material supply and coordination of all stakeholders involved, relieve the surrounding infrastructure and reduce the overall construction period and costs.

Our approach is both individualized and focused on finding solutions

We develop, plan and implement AI-based, process and cost-optimized logistics solutions for every project and are thus already using the benefits of tomorrow's connected city today. We use our software in our own consultancy mandates or make it available to our customers for their individual use — with or without our consultancy.

Creating value for a sustainable future

By utilizing data-driven and AI technology, our logistics planning and execution services enhance the effectiveness of your construction project while providing you with current and reliable information for decision-making purposes. This approach enables you to enjoy streamlined logistics concepts, improved construction procedures, reduced construction timelines, and the early identification and resolution of potential issues and mistakes.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • We integrate all stakeholders along the entire value chain.
  • We improve and relieve traffic flow for construction sites in metropolitan areas.
  • We make optimal use of the infrastructure on the construction site.
  • We make sustainable construction possible.
  • We work for better use of resources.
  • We increase efficiency on construction sites by up to 50%.
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“Digital construction combined with lean management and logistics app has reduced the construction period of the campus by one year.”

Tobias Achermann, former CEO, Zug Estates Holding AG

Customizable software for every construction site

LIM — the single point of truth

The web-based platform LIM is our space manager and single point of truth. It makes it possible to monitor, allocate and use space for logistics. LIM is used to plan infrastructure and equipment, can be linked to the schedule and urban space, and determines the optimal use of available space in real time.


  • Space management
  • Scheduling and lean management
  • Mobility management
  • Materials management
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CLM — the modular management application

The web-based platform CLM is our slot manager and allows access to all installation areas and construction sites from one interface. As an active booking platform, it is used to organize and control all deliveries, inventory management and infrastructure on the construction site.


  • Infrastructure design, construction installation and resource optimization
  • Centralised document management with access to logistics concept and manual
  • Scheduled construction site logistics management
  • Scheduled space management
  • Integration of logistics data
  • Management of external hubs or consolidation centers
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