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Rorschacherstrasse, St. Gallen



Spitalanlagengesellschaft St.Gallen KSSG, Ostschweiz Children's Hospital OKS


Fawad Kazi Architects



CHF 450 million

The St. Gallen KSSG Cantonal Hospital and the OKS Children's Hospital in Eastern Switzerland were expanded with a modern new building — while hospital operations continued. With fine-tuned construction process planning, we ensured the success of the major project, taking into account emergency room access, foot traffic and helicopter approach.



Coordination of construction logistics with operational logistics

Hospital logistics and relocation/delivery logistics

Building in the company

Coordination of several construction sites in different construction phases


The project

The highly complex new building of the KSSG and OKS is a large construction site that is divided into four construction sites and has been fitted between the existing properties. In addition to the highly installed examination and treatment areas (OP), two tower buildings house the bed stations.

approx. 60,000
Pallet material for finishing
approx. 450
Specialists in peak phase
approx. 20
Truck/Day in peak phase


The inner-city location, tight building space, sophisticated architecture and complex site structures required fine-tuned construction process planning — not only on the construction site, but also with regard to the entire traffic area in the immediate vicinity.

Delivery traffic immediately presented us with several challenges: On the one hand, we had to ensure that emergency room access remained free at all times. On the other hand, we had to consider foot traffic and traffic that crosses the middle of the construction site, as well as the helicopter approach.

And even within the buildings, hurdles had to be overcome. The electrical installations, for example, required an enormous commitment: Around 620 kilometers of power cables were to be laid in house 07A. Almost 28,000 installation boxes and installation pipes, which would range from St. Gallen to Stuttgart, made the interior design a feat of strength.



The new construction of the KSSG and OKS required careful construction process planning, which had to take into account not only the construction site itself but also the surrounding traffic area. In cooperation with construction management, we carried out a potential analysis to check the project organization. Among other things, we examined which quantities of material had to be moved at what time. Particular attention was paid to storage capacities and infrastructure by linking the amount of building material to the construction period. We used the results to ensure an optimal delivery frequency and the efficient use of vertical conveyors such as elevators. Today, sensors (IoT) measure not only elevators on construction sites, but also in existing KSSG buildings to determine optimal utilization.

For ongoing hospital operations, it was also particularly important that safe traffic areas were available and kept free for patients, visitors and employees. We were able to prevent backlogs on public roads by using strategic storage areas on the building site.

“Deliveries and pallet spaces in a warehouse are also not left to chance, but are clearly defined. Central construction site logistics virtually brings a common thread to the flow of goods, from planning delivery to returning waste and packaging material.”

Nikola Vukovic, client representative of the KSSG


The modern new building not only gave KSSG a new, distinctive face, it also promoted more efficient and cost-effective operational processes. Central construction logistics enabled seamless delivery and distribution of materials. Based on this model, the move into the new rooms was also meticulously prepared. In addition, a central dashboard and a digital tracking system were used for all materials. These tools created transparency and offered everyone involved an overview of the current work progress on a daily basis.

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