LIM — our single point of truth

LIM - what is it for?

LIM, short for Logistics Insights Management, is an online platform that serves as a hub for collaboration and consolidates all relevant information into an interactive interface. LIM acts as our single point of truth. Our team designed this data platform with the purpose of generating digital representations of physical spaces. By intelligently integrating diverse datasets, we are able to simulate processes, business models, and dynamic environmental conditions with exceptional precision. LIM empowers us to make real-time decisions and facilitates long-term planning.

How is LIM set up?

LIM is a web-based platform for the desktop.
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LIM for desktop

(Web application)
By utilizing LIM, it becomes possible to develop a comprehensive environmental analysis tailored to various project dimensions, encompassing factors such as the local community, neighboring construction projects, urban traffic, infrastructure, and both micro and macro levels of urban development.

Who is LIM for?

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Urban planning

LIM answers urban planning questions related to transportation, logistics, infrastructure, and spatial planning. Easily integrate existing data into your analysis.

Smart city advisory

LIM combines data from a variety of public and private sources and helps analyze potential interactions from different perspectives.

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Business developer

LIM supports you in analyzing and evaluating scenarios for project developments.

General- , total contractors

With LIM, you can plan complex construction sites in urban areas particularly efficiently and ensure smooth construction site supply.

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Logistics specialists

LIM uses historical and current data to help you improve your logistics processes

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LIM - what can it do?

LIM covers a wide range of functions, data collection, benchmarks, and insights. Among other things, LIM provides:

On the construction site (micro level)

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  • Planning and execution of construction project areas
  • Linking schedules and spacial areas
  • Space planning within construction projects
  • Planning of hubs and consolidation centers

As part of the Smart City (macro level)

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  • City Logistics planning and operation
  • Designing and planning infrastructure solutions
  • Identification of suitable locations
  • Development of mobility concepts

Which projects is LIM for?

Smart logistics increases productivity, boosts growth and makes more efficient use of space and time. LIM enables environmental analysis of different project sizes to improve planning and logistics processes.