Data-based planning and consulting for construction logistics

We support your construction logistics with interdisciplinary consultancy and specialist planning, from the first idea to the simulation and to the implementation.
By utilizing AI-powered data analysis, we carry out precise logistics planning for your construction project. Our approach involves working with four-dimensional models (time plus space), enabling us This grants us the ability to continuously make dynamic adjustments, thereby enhancing the precision of our planning. Furthermore, through the visualization of project progress and the utilization of performance dashboards, we adopt an agile and proactive approach to managing the logistics and construction process as a whole. The result: Your project runs more efficiently than ever before.
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Our approach is both individualized and focused on finding solutions

Currently, half of the construction operation is carried out through previous planning, while the other half is determined and executed spontaneously. Our objective is to enhance planning reliability and establish a more cohesive supply chain for all projects. To accomplish this goal, we rely on the utilization of organized data.
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Creating value for a sustainable future

At the core of our daily work lies a deep understanding of our customers' needs. Collaborating closely with our project team, we formulate comprehensive plans and offer expert guidance throughout the entire project.

Our approach to your project is centered around:


We optimize your logistics by connecting all phases of your project and closing information gaps.


We bring together all stakeholders along the entire value chain in construction.


Based on a digital building information model (BIM) we develop efficient logistics and production management for your construction project. By undertaking this task, we organize and convert your complete logistics network into a digital format, encompassing everything from determining the necessary order quantity to ensuring precise delivery at the designated construction site.


We leverage the full potential of the infrastructure on your construction site and increase efficiency by up to 50%.


We integrate the circular economy into the construction process so you can build more sustainably.


Our self-developed software products use machine learning and AI to support you and your projects.


We use data and information across the entire supply chain to improve resource utilization.


We improve traffic flows for construction sites in metropolitan areas.


We develop modular hub solutions for customized construction logistics and infrastructure.

This is how we specifically support you during the planning phase:

1. Development

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We evaluate the initial logistical situation as part of a feasibility study and choose a procedure tailored to you.

2. Design

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We design the system, integrate logistics data (personnel and material quantities, e.g. from a BIM model), develop model-based scheduling and logistics (BIM2LOG) as well as a logistics concept and manual (including 3D/ 4D plan & model).

3. Engineering

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Our offer includes:

  • Planning and engineering of efficient logistics
  • Infrastructure design
  • Construction installation and resource optimization
  • Scheduled space management for logistics
  • Tendering and contracting based on the logistics concept

4. Off-site/on-site production

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We take care of:

  • an efficient construction process and its support
  • scheduled construction site logistics management (deliveries)
  • integration of external hubs or consolidation centers
  • specialist construction management and logistics on site
  • professional support for the executing logistics service providers
  • controlling costs
  • the performance surveillance

5. Operation

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We reduce your operating costs:

  • Mission Control Center with interactive dashboards
  • Integration of the sensor platform into the logistics software
  • Performance measurement of infrastructure and travel frequency
  • Monitoring and management of logistics movements

Which projects is MCL suitable for?

Discover the ways in which our AI-driven data analyses and meticulous logistics planning have played a crucial role in the success of significant construction projects.