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CLM — our modular management platform

CLM - what is it for?

CLM stands for Construction Logistics Management and is a web-based platform that provides centralized access to all assembly areas and construction sites through a single interface. Project participants can manage all work individually. CLM therefore enables consistent process control logistics on construction sites. It bundles all relevant information, simplifying coordination, communication and control.

Goal: Act appropriately to the situation rather than react. The construction site is powered using the pull principle, so it can work more efficiently.

How is CLM set up?

CLM is a web-based platform with an app for mobile devices.
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CLM on the web

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All project participants can use CLM. The platform provides information on deliveries to all involved people. Companies record, coordinate and track their deliveries with just a few details.
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CLM offers the following features

CLM Interaktives Cockpit

Interactive cockpit

The construction site utilization is effectively communicated through a transparent exchange of information, providing a comprehensive overview.

Online booking system

Efficient unloading process via slot management

CLM Fördermittel

Lifting/conveying equipment

Book and manage online

Consolidation centers

Set up and manage

CLM Administration


View planning status as well as active and completed deliveries and organize them using time slots


Create delivery notification, generate QR codes and create delivery reports in PDF format

CLM Material Manager

Material Manager

Packing and commissioning


Organization and allocation of access rights to all project participants

CLM Interaktives CockpitCLM Material ManagerCLM AdministrationCLM Fördermittel

CLM Mobile App

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The CLM mobile app provides mobile access to delivery notifications.

The following actions can be controlled via the app

  • Plan, manage and organize deliveries via QR scan
  • Track, organize, document and monitor the delivery process
  • Plan, manage, and organize equipment
  • Documentation of the delivery process via photo, filing and real-time database storage

CLM - what can it do?

The use of the CLM platform offers clear advantages:

  • Better coordination of deliveries
  • Simplified communication between construction site, supplier and driver
  • Overview of all deliveries
  • Stress-free work
  • Georeferencing of all delivery points for all parties involved
  • Reduced downtime periods

Which projects is CLM for?

CLM is an ideal platform for planning, construction management, and logistics. It offers project participants:

  • a clear dashboard
  • communication via tool
  • the integration of consolidation centers/HUBs
  • QR labeling and delivery notes as an online database or in PDF format
  • various download options (e.g. csv)
  • the integration of IoT such as elevator sensors
  • the interface to other systems such as warehouse management or access control

This makes the app suitable for any construction site that values efficiency.

"The idea and the logistics tool were carefully implemented before the interior fit out began and the companies were trained accordingly. (...) If the companies receive the material reliably and can work quickly, the mood and cooperation between the companies is better."