Our Story

A Swiss company that has won its first success within large and complex infrastructure projects. Defining system designs, covering costs (for projects under construction and for operational processes), and exceeding client goals - Swiss Disruption, co-developed.

We make all of this possible by developing logistics by combining architecture, engineering, construction management, construction, technology, investor and business perspectives with software. From planning to construction to operation. AI-based construction and smart city solutions.

This has allowed us to gain valuable experience over the years and develop methods and tools to support our clients in a variety of different task:

  • Starting from conceptual analysis and logistics system design (such as the port connection of Los Angeles and Hamburg and Gali Batu in Singapore)
  • Support infrastructure construction projects by modeling logistics effects using digital twins (historical, current and future simulated scenarios, such as the example of Zurich city center (HGZZ))
  • Planning lean management capabilities and optimized logistics such as Roche pRED , Kantonsspital St. Gallen and countless other national and international projects.
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This knowledge and its continuous application has been captured in consulting services and software tools that can be applied throughout the life cycle of large infrastructure assets.

Approaches include:

  • Creating Digital Twin for logistics design and scenario analysis

  • BIM compliant data extendable to 4D or 5D

  • Optimisation of logistics leveraging BIM 4D data

  • Amberg Loglay Software where 4D/5D BIM data is applied to lean project management

  • Asset Insight Management integrating all build-in sensor data

We continue to develop our services and related tools across the life-cycle of infrastructure assets, and are currently looking to establish operations in Singapore that will be used to transfer the knowledge and tools capabilities from our central base in Switzerland.

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